March Newsletter

It's been a few months since I announced my campaign for State Treasurer in 2018. Since then, I've been off and running all around the state -- from the north to the south!


Speaking of Northern California ...

I had the opportunity to visit California State University Chico, one of four CSUs that have working farms. At the Chico State Farm, they have 800 acres on productive land growing 19 different commodities.

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada

You can't visit Chico without stopping in at Sierra Nevada Brewery. They help feed the Chico State Farm's cattle with their after processed leftover grain.

Santa Clara Flood

When 14,000 residents were evacuated in Santa Clara County, state agencies and non-profits stepped in to help. I'm glad that the State Board of Equalization team members and I were able to provide advice and help the other volunteers. Thank you everyone!


It was an honor to join the First Annual Silicon Valley Lions Foundation Gala Royal to raise funds for Hepatitis B awareness.


We held our second Cannabis Banking Working Group Meeting, convened by State Treasurer John Chiang. With the passage of Prop. 64, it's more important than ever to figure out how the cannabis industry can utilize bank services.

Earned Income Tax

My team and I got certified to prepare tax returns through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. We are promoting the Earned Income Tax Credit throughout California by helping with free tax preparation for people who qualify for a refundable tax credit. In February, we were in San Bernardino with the Cal EITC4Me bus.

Route 66

Speaking of Southern California ...

I even made it to Barstow, a major transportation center for the Inland Empire, where major highways including Interstate 15, Interstate 40, California State Route 58, and U.S. Route 66 converge in the city.


In February, I had the privilege to serve on a jury -- my first time! To learn what it's like to be on a jury, read my blog on The Huffington Post.

Let's Stay in Touch

As I continue to travel across California, I'd like to hear from you. Please let me know about upcoming events in your area!